T75 TC Treated Falcon Adherent Cell Culture Flasks

T75 TC Treated Falcon Adherent Cell Culture Flasks

Fudau T75 TC treated falcon cell culture flasks use polystyrene (PS) raw materials, ultra-vacuum plasma surface modification(TC treated) process to enhance the adherence performance of the cells, providing more conducive growth environment to the cells .
T75 TC Treated Falcon Adherent Cell Culture Flasks

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 T75 TC treated falcon cell culture flasks 


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Product Number Treated Size(cm²) Cultivation Area(cm²) Cap Pack Case PCS/box
C000025 TC Treated 25 25 Sealed Cap 10 20 200
C001025 TC Treated 25 25 Vent Cap 10 20 200
C000075 TC Treated 75 75 Sealed Cap 5 20 100
C001075 TC Treated 75 75 Vent Cap 5 20 100
C000175 TC Treated 175 175 Sealed Cap 5 8 40
C001175 TC Treated 175 175 Vent Cap 5 8 40
C000225 TC Treated 225 225 Sealed Cap 5 5 25
C001225 TC Treated 225 225 Vent Cap 5 5 25



  • All production process is strictly controlled, through automatic equipment in accordance with cGMP standards in the C-level purification workshop .No personnel contact, No pyrogen, no animal-derived ingredients.Good product consistency
  • PS Material, After TC treated,Provides super strong cell adhesion performance.
  • t75 tc treated falcon cell cuture flasks Arc shape bottom and angled neck, can help you to obtain a complete growth surface easily.
  • 0.2µ m vent cap and seal cap are available for different environment.The breathable membrane of the VENT cap adopts a hydrophobic design, which does not affect the sealing performance and ventilation effect after contact with liquid. Support one-handed opening function.
  • Special lining design at the bottom,which makes the product more stable when placed flat, and the stacking is more stable



1. Q: Is there a product batch number identification for traceability?

Answer: There is a product batch number label, which can be traced back to each day.

2. Q: What is the material of the hydrophobic membrane of the breathable cover? diameter?

Answer:We adopt a double-layer composite membrane design (PTFE sterilizing filter membrane, PP support membrane), and the water pressure resistance

is above 0.35Mpa. Diameter/mm 25.70±2.00.

3. Q: Sealing test method

Answer: Put the cell bottle into the water under one meter, pump at pressure 35Kpa, the product does not leak

T75 TC Treated Cell Culture Flasks

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