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Raw material guarantee: The raw materials of cell consumable products meet the USP VI standard.

Equipment guarantee: The use of equipment imported from Germany and Japan has realized a variety of non-invasive production processes in the field of laboratory consumables.             

Automation: High degree of automation, to ensure that there is no pyrogen.

Environmental protection: We have a high-standard 10,000-level purification workshop to ensure that the products are pyrogen-free and DNase-free.

The ISO13485 production system is guided to ensure the smallest batch-to-batch difference.

Sterilization method: Cobalt 60 irradiation sterilization to ensure sterility.

Safety guarantee: The product has passed (SGS) ISO10993-10, USP87 and US Pharmacopoeia tests, and has no sensitization, no hemolysis, no pyrogen, no cytotoxicity, etc.

Quality inspection: Strict cell culture experiments, cell comparison experiments of all products are at the same level as the "C" brand.
















Highly cost effective


Highly cost effective: As a professional independent production enterprise in China, Fudau has a lower overall production cost based on the same quality.  

Supply securityWe have a production workshop of 7,500  to ensure stable supply and short delivery time.

After-sale serviceTimely and effective after-sales service support allows you to worry-free after-sales.

We have a professional after-sales service team, and technical personnel regularly visit customers for technical exchanges, and respond to customer problems during use to formulate plans and telephone responses within 24 hours.








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