The Application of PETG Media Bottles in Ultra-Pure Water

Tue May 14 09:33:45 CST 2024

In the fields of scientific research and production, PETG media bottles are indispensable containers used for storing and transporting culture media, serum, buffer solutions, and reagents. Among these, ultra-pure water, used for preparing various culture media and solutions when cultivating cells, can also be stored in these containers.

PETG media bottles are renowned for their excellent storage and transportation performance, effectively protecting the biological and chemical reagents stored within, ensuring the integrity and purity of their components, thereby guaranteeing the accuracy and repeatability of experimental data. The tightly sealed design effectively prevents the entry of microorganisms, reducing the risk of solution contamination and ensuring the reliability of experimental results.

PETG media bottles

Ultra-pure water, also known as UP water, typically has a resistivity reaching up to 18 MQ*cm (25°C), indicating that it contains almost no impurities, making it an ideal choice for preparing various culture media and solutions, playing a crucial role in cell culture experiments. It also has wide applications in many other fields such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemical analysis.

PETG media bottles can be used to store ultra-pure water, ensuring its purity and integrity remain uncompromised, providing a reliable source of water for experiments. With their square bottle design, they are easy to grip, and the molded scale on the bottle body facilitates the preparation and storage of ultra-pure water.

In summary, the combination of PETG media bottles and ultra-pure water provides a stable and reliable container for scientific research and production. Together, they contribute to the accuracy and repeatability of experimental data, driving scientific progress and innovation.

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