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LUOYANG FUDAU BIOTECH CO.LTD was established in 2014. It is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of biomedical packaging, industrial high-end cell culture consumables, high-end laboratory consumables, and diagnostic consumables. The main products include cell factory, cell culture flasks, cell culture shake flasks, cell culture roller bottles, etc. The company takes continuous innovation and continuous creation of value for customers as its mission, focusing on high-end biological consumables to help the development of global life sciences.


Fudau biological has C-level purification workshops 3000 m2 that meet GMP requirements, and is equipped with a domestic leading cell factory without direct contact with personnel and fully automatic cell bottles production line. It meets the needs of injection molding, injection blowing and extrusion blowing and other molding processes, and is the first one in the world to use injection stretch blowing to produce 3L and 5L high-efficiency erlenmeyer flasks.


In terms of quality control, Fudau Biotechnology has high-end inspection equipments and a complete quality assurance system, and has established an internal control system that is higher than the industry standard. From raw material matching to production process, it strictly implements SOP standards to ensure the accuracy of materials used and the quality of the production process. Stability: The quality department will formulate the corresponding quality standard card and complete set of technical documents according to the customer's requirements for product control, combined with the customer's quality control department's finished product inspection method, and refine all links of production and on-site inspection. The company has a professional quality management team, and is equipped with visual inspection rejection instrument, hydrophilicity tester, sealing tester, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, flatness tester, carbon dioxide incubator, microscope and other quality inspection equipment to ensure product quality, which ensure us stand at the forefront of the industry.






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Cell culture consumables


 Production Equipment 


Fudau is equipped with a series of advanced production equipment such as KraussMaffei injection molding machine imported from Germany, Nissei ASB injection stretch blow machine imported from Japan, Leshan hollow extrusion blow machine and Vinda injection blow machine.


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High quality and high customer satisfaction


Raw material guarantee: The raw materials of cell consumable products meet the USP VI standard.

Equipment guarantee: The use of equipment imported from Germany and Japan has realized a variety of non-invasive production processes in the field of laboratory consumables.             

Automation: High degree of automation, to ensure that there is no pyrogen.

Environmental protection: We have a high-standard 10,000-level purification workshop to ensure that the products are pyrogen-free and DNase-free.

The ISO13485 production system is guided to ensure the smallest batch-to-batch difference.

Sterilization method: Cobalt 60 irradiation sterilization to ensure sterility.

Safety guarantee: The product has passed (SGS) ISO10993-10, USP87 and US Pharmacopoeia tests, and has no sensitization, no hemolysis, no pyrogen, no cytotoxicity, etc.

Quality inspection: Strict cell culture experiments, cell comparison experiments of all products are at the same level as the "C" brand.











Highly cost effective


Highly cost effective: As a professional independent production enterprise in China, Fudau has a lower overall production cost based on the same quality.  

Supply security: We have a production workshop of 7,500  to ensure stable supply and short delivery time.

After-sale serviceTimely and effective after-sales service support allows you to worry-free after-sales.

We have a professional after-sales service team, and technical personnel regularly visit customers for technical exchanges, and respond to customer problems during use to formulate plans and telephone responses within 24 hours.




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